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Why should I join Solavei?

By now you have heard of Solavei. You have been told about the massive amounts of money there is to be made with this company. So right now you are on the fence and wondering why you should join. Am I right?

If you are looking for a good reason to join Solavei I have a really good reason. It’s called “ground floor.” Many companies claim to be ground floor opportunities. Once a company has been around for a year or so then the ground floor opportunity is out the door.

Solavei launches on September 21, 2012. This means that if you are reading this post at any time in 2012 then the company is still in infancy. Let me briefly explain what that means. Right now as I write this post there are only a couple thousand people that know about Solavei. If you begin to tell people about it, there is a great chance they have never heard of it. But don’t worry.  As time goes on more and more people will hear about Solavei and the same people that never heard of the company before will be coming back to you for more information.

Another plus about being a ground floor opportunity is being at the top in the business.  If you have just a few good people directly under you then everything they do will benefit you. Since it’s new, there are plenty of people that recognize ground floor and will get in while the getting is good and produce 10 times what your average member will produce. If that person is anywhere under you, then you will truly benefit from the efforts of those motivated individuals.

The main reason to get involved with Solavei is the income potential. I know many companies claim to have an endless income potential and to be honest with you that is true for many people that are at the top in the company. Here is the reality, if you get in now you have that opportunity to be one of the top members in the company. With the Path Pay maxing out at $20,000 per month (click here for more information on the compensation plan) it is very foreseeable to get to that figure monthly being one of the first to join the company.

If you want to find out more about Solavei and how it works please visit www.TrioMasters.com.

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